Safe passing gains momentum

Even in car-centric Houston, they’ve finally passed a safe passing ordinance to help keep cyclists safer on the road. That’s saying something, considering it’s the same city that, just a few years ago, wildly opposed a pedestrian bridge over a bayou, arguing that the only people that walk anywhere are vagrants and thieves, and that the bridge would bring a flood of theft and stinky homeless people into their fair neighborhood (these complaints ignored the fact that there were already other, somewhat less convenient or appealing pedestrian options to cross the bayou, and that the neighborhoods on the other side of the bayou were just as nice as the neighborhoods of the bridge’s opposers).

Houston now joins the ranks of every other major Texas city that developed safe passing ordinances of their own after the governor vetoed one proposed at the state level, saying he didn’t believe there was enough of a problem to merit an ordinance in the first place.

Read about Houston’s new safe passing ordinance


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