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How a $9 piece of land goes for $500

It all comes down to leverage. Like the kind of leverage you get when a corner of your property is essential to a giant government project like a major highway expansion. That’s when your $9 piece of land can go for $500, and could have gone for $2,509 if you had been stubborn enough. Read […]

Millennials choose tech over cars

According to a survey by Zipcar, millennials (which they define as 18-34 years old) would give up their cars before they give up their computers or cell phones. Read more about the survey and its implications on The Atlantic Cities.

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Why you voted for bad roads

Realistically, you probably didn’t wake up one day and say, “I’m going to vote for crumbling roads.” But what most people in the U.S. HAVE done is vote down, or encourage their representatives to vote down, increases in the gas tax. Here’s why it matters. THE LINK BETWEEN ROADS AND TAXES What does the gas […]

The curious geography of cars

Geography seems like a pretty straightforward thing. If you want to go from A to B, find the shortest route. And perhaps long ago, it was that simple. But today the car rules most cities, and it has introduced some truly curious kinks to conventional geography. Cars, and perhaps more specifically the highly inflexible roads […]