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Why bike-friendly rail cars?

Houston has been making a number of transportation improvements lately that don’t center around the almighty automobile. And now they’re doing more to attack the famous first mile/last mile issue that reduces the effectiveness of many transit systems. How? The Houston light rail system will soon feature new cars designed to better accommodate cyclists. They […]

Right-sizing the bus system

How many times have you ridden a bus where you were the only passenger? Or watched a bus pass by nearly empty? While busses in dense urban areas are usually packed like the passengers are escaping a localized apocalypse, busses in more sprawling areas frequently operate at a fraction of their capacity. GOING SMALL IN […]

Millennials choose tech over cars

According to a survey by Zipcar, millennials (which they define as 18-34 years old) would give up their cars before they give up their computers or cell phones. Read more about the survey and its implications on The Atlantic Cities.

DIY spirit spurs BRT

No longer satisfied to wait around on approved-but-unfunded light rail that could be decades out, the Uptown District in Houston is pushing forward with plans for BRT (bus rapid transit) to take its place. Uptown argues it’s under served by transit already. In light of a recent referendum that dashed light rail funding hopes for […]