It all comes down to leverage. Like the kind of leverage you get when a corner of your property is essential to a giant government project like a major highway expansion. That’s when your $9 piece of land can go for $500, and could have gone for $2,509 if you had been stubborn enough. Read […]

Narrow bike lane in Houston, TX

I recently read an article about bicycle infrastructure and how widening a standard bike lane from a standard five feet to a more generous eight feet increased rider safety. And then I did a double take. Five feet is a standard bike lane? In my neighborhood, the bike lanes (like the one above) are three […]

How many times have you ridden a bus where you were the only passenger? Or watched a bus pass by nearly empty? While busses in dense urban areas are usually packed like the passengers are escaping a localized apocalypse, busses in more sprawling areas frequently operate at a fraction of their capacity. GOING SMALL IN […]

Long-held wisdom suggested that dedicated bicycle infrastructure would make cyclists less safe by disallowing cars to get used to sharing the road with them. A new research study examined the bicycle safety of 14 types of routes. What did they find? Dedicated bike lanes can reduce bicycle injuries by 50 percent, and bike routes physically […]

According to a survey by Zipcar, millennials (which they define as 18-34 years old) would give up their cars before they give up their computers or cell phones. Read more about the survey and its implications on The Atlantic Cities.

bad roads

Realistically, you probably didn’t wake up one day and say, “I’m going to vote for crumbling roads.” But what most people in the U.S. HAVE done is vote down, or encourage their representatives to vote down, increases in the gas tax. Here’s why it matters. THE LINK BETWEEN ROADS AND TAXES What does the gas […]

No longer satisfied to wait around on approved-but-unfunded light rail that could be decades out, the Uptown District in Houston is pushing forward with plans for BRT (bus rapid transit) to take its place. Uptown argues it’s under served by transit already. In light of a recent referendum that dashed light rail funding hopes for […]